Frequently Asked Questions


Is getting an online degree the same thing as getting a degree on campus in a classroom?
Are these degrees offered completely online -- Will I ever have to come to campus?
Is financial aid available for online degrees?
Are on-campus student services available for online students?
Are the credits I earn through online courses real credits that would be recognized by another college or university if I decided to transfer?
Are there some tricks to learning in an online environment? Any insights on how to make this an enjoyable activity?
Can I really take courses or even complete a degree without setting foot on the campus?
I don't have great computing skills, my PC is old and my dial-up modem is slow. Are these real problems?
I've been told by some friends who have taken online courses that they are tough and quite rigorous. Is that true?
Is online learning right for me?
Will I use textbooks or will I have to read off a computer screen all the time?

Program data last updated on 6/28/2021